Douglas DC-3/C-47 Dakota Cockpit Film Prop

Fully equiped DC-3/C-47 cockpit section, includes removable canopy section to achieve greater field of vison for filming.

This cockpit section was used in the filming of ‘Band of Brothers’. Also available for hire is a DC-3/C-47 fuselage.



Douglas DC-3/C-47 Dakota Fuselage Film Prop

Ex Band of Brothers C-47/DC-3 Fuselage section available for TV Film work. Recently used for filming of a new horror film which involved a night shoot.



World War Two – Morrison & Anderson Shelter

A restored Morrison Shelter as used in the Blitz and often known as a ‘table shelter’ as they were often used as a table when not in use.

Anderson Shelter


1939 Vickers Searchlight

We have a restored 1939 Vickers Metropolitan Searchlight for Film/TV hire.

1934 Austin 7

We have a restored and roadworthy Austin 7 available for Film/TV hire.