The Wings Museum is about real people.

It covers a variety of subjects and is dedicated to all nationalities who fought and died in the Second World War – they should never be forgotten.

This unique museum is a must see!

• Memorabilia from the Battle of Britain, the Blitz and the Home Front, including the real Dad’s Army, the Civil Defence and the ATS.

• Items such as, uniforms, relics from RAF Bomber Command & the US Eighth Air Force can be seen in our “Bomber Offensive” section.

• Relics and other items from RAF Fighter Command and the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) can be seen in our “Fighter Offensive” Section, including a complete Link Trainer.

• Unique to the Wings Museum is “Ghosts of the Tundra“, where recovered airframes are displayed in dioramas representing the actual crash sites.

• Read about a lost Hampden Bomber shot down over the Russian Front. Read the Canadian Pilot’s story in his own words and see the bullet holes that brought the aircraft down!

• Step inside a real Anderson Shelter and listen to sounds of The Blitz. See an original Morrison Shelter which actually saw use during The Blitz in London.

• See artefacts from Hitler’s V-Weapons, relics from the “Doodlebug” V1, and the engine from a V2 which fell to earth in Essex. Enter the “Dora” room – an emotional story from the Holocaust, including images and artwork about those involved in the construction of Hitler’s “Terror Weapons”.

• See the unique exhibition, “The Forgotten War”, a look at the very last battles of World War Two, fought between the Russians and the Japanese.

• Walk inside the famous Band of Brothers C-47 Dakota and experience what it was like to have been a paratrooper on D-Day.

• See genuine artefacts and equipment from the “Second Front”, D-Day and beyond, including the helmet and rifle from a German Soldier who fell on D-Day.

• See the “Redhill Story”, a unique collection of photographs illustrating the history of Redhill Aerodrome. See the RAF Redhill “Book of Remembrance”, read about the young men who failed to return from sweeps over Northern France. You can also see the fuselage of Miles Magister T9768 which flew from Redhill aerodrome and took part in the King’s Cup Air Race.