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  • Podcast – B-25 Mitchell Wing Restoration – Jan 2022
    In this, the first Wings Museum podcast of 2022: We talk to museum Co-Curator Daniel Hunt about the museum’s role of remembering people’s sacrifice in war, and keeping their stories alive, and visit the workshop for an update on a restoration project that we’ve spoken about before, the North American B-25 Mitchell “Bedsheet Bomber”….
  • Video – Halifax II JD150 Rolls Royce Merlin XX engine run – August 2021
    The running of the Wings Museum’s 1943 Rolls Royce Merlin Memorial engine from Halifax JD150, which was recovered from a bog in Germany in 2010, is a unique opportunity to hear the sound of a Halifax Merlin engine complete with its “Saxophone” style exhausts. On the night of 27th/28th July 1943, Halifax II JD150 DY-A […]
  • Podcast – Merlin Engine Run – Oct 2021
    A Merlin Engine Run event at the museum gives us the opportunity to talk to: Alex Collinson about the Bentley Priory Museum “Memoirs of the Blitz” project Adrian Harrison about the 253 Squadron Kenley Living History Group Aaron Simmons about maintaining the museum’s Merlin XX engine in fully running condition Keep up to date with the Wings Museum Podcast […]
  • Podcast – The 1944 B-25 Mitchell Mark II FR396 and FL682 crash near Dunsfold
    In this episode, we discover the story of how a crash on 7th January 1944 brought a volunteer to the Wings Museum in 2020. Flight Sergeant George Ormandy, an air gunner, died onboard FR396, a B-25 Mitchell Mark II that had flown from Dunsfold in Surrey. More than 70 years later, his great-nephew, Adam Tudor-Lane, […]
  • Podcast – A visit from the Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society (IMPS)
    It is Sunday 1st August 2021 and the Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society have chosen to visit the Wings Museum as the (very appropriate) destination of a Sunday drive. We catch up with one of their members, a man who introduces himself as George, and is dressed in the uniform of an American General… Keep […]
  • Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society (IMPS) visit Wings Museum
    The Wings Museum provided an appealing destination of a Sunday drive for the West Sussex area section of the Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society (IMPS) ( The visit also featured in the latest edition of the Wings Museum Podcast… Listen here Stock Media provided by Audiorezout / Pond5AdKey:_3Jr4eK8956PYW
  • Wings Aviation Museum Video
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  • Podcast – Museum Update – May 2021
    With the Museum reopening in just a couple of weeks time, we catch up with Museum Co-Curator, Daniel Hunt, to fnd out what has been going on, what’s new, and whether we will hear the sound of the Halifax Merlin XX again in 2021….. Subscribe to the Wings Museum Podcast Browse more episodes of the Wings Museum […]
  • Podcast – The Hawker Siddeley Kestrel project
    In this edition, we talk to Museum Co-Curator Daniel Hunt and Project Leader Aaron Simmons about the Hawker Siddeley Kestrel, how it got to Wings, and why it is so important in aviation history. For more about the Kestrel project: With thanks to Brooklands Museum for their assistance. Subscribe to the Wings Museum Podcast Browse more […]
  • Podcast – Museum Update October 2020
    As we look towards the Winter closed season, we ask Museum Curator, Daniel Hunt how things have been going since the Museum was able to re-open its doors to the public.