We are very grateful to Andrew at Cyclops TV for producing our new volunteer recruitment video. We are looking for friendly enthusiastic people to join our front of house team. We are open 6 days a week so we need to boost our team of front of house volunteers. Military knowledge is not a requirement, as part of the team you will be working alongside friendly volunteers who will help and support you.

Over time you may find you become knowledgeable about specific displays or events in WW2 history, but regardless you will meet some fascinating people who visit the museum and you will help maintain the all important friendly “Wings welcome” and help to keep the memories alive for future generations. See our recruitment video on the Wings Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/@wingsaviationmuseum8263

One thought on “Can you help? Volunteering at Wings”

  1. I recently received one of your email newsletters, & it mentions that you are looking for volunteers. I would be interested in helping out, in whatever role is needed. Be it front of house or whatever. My background is in electronics & IT, but have always been interested in aircraft, particularly WW2 up to cold war eras. Both of my parents grew up in Brighton during WW2 so I’ve heard some interesting stories from them. If it’s pf interest, I have worked in mechanical workshops & have built quite a few engines (not aircraft engines I should add), mainly racing motorcycles & cars, so I’d love to have an opportunity to work on aero engines if that’s available. I’m retired due to health reasons now (dodgy knee!). so could fit in with available work slots.

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