The Wings Museum is an superb place for schools to learn about World War Two! Not only does the museum provide original artefacts highlighting and bringing alive the history of World War Two but it has an abundance of artefacts from the local areas as well as hundreds of personal stories.

For a small charge the Wings Museum also offers a series of educational workshops for large school groups:

Workshop 1: Exhibit handling talk

One of our volunteers introduces a variety of home front original World War Two artefacts and exhibits which are then handed around for the children to handle. Often the items chosen have their own little story to tell! With some of our more mysterious items we ask the children to guess what they might be used for. At the end of the presentation we sound an original hand operated air raid siren to bring the workshop to a close.

Workshop 2: C-47 Dakota Aircraft Fuselage D-Day experience:

Where else can children learn about the D-Day paratroopers sitting in an actual World War Two Dakota? One of our volunteers talks to the children about what it was like being an allied paratrooper about to parachute into enemy territory for the first time. After a brief talk the children are asked to think about how they might feel if it was their loved one or perhaps even themselves about to go into action. At the end of the workshop the children are asked to perform a the “Pre Jump Check” such as”

“Stand up! – Hook Up! – Equipment check! – GO GO GO

at which point the kids exit the aircraft fuselage down the access ramp.

As well as our workshops the museum has a variety of exhibits on display such as:

  • Morrison & Anderson Shelters (Anderson Shelter fully accessible)
  • WW2 C-47 Dakota Aircraft Fuselage
  • Cockpit for children to sit in
  • Have a go at Morse Code
  • Use an old fashioned telephone and speak to their friends
  • Dressing up box!

The museum also offers a “shop” where children can purchase plastic models already built ready for display as well as wartime coins and other period items. Tea coffee and cold drinks available on site.



School worksheets and quizzes

We have provided a Wings Museum Quiz that you are welcome to download and print before your visit. (PDF Download)

Also, for more junior pilots, their own quiz (PDF Download)

We have also provided a sample Risk Assessment but strongly recommend for your school to do their own assessment. (DOC Download)

Pre visits for 1 staff member is available by appointment.